This year we are not doing the massive cookie bake we normally do.  At our peak when my kids helped, we baked 70 dozen cookies plus brownies and fudge.  We gave most of them away although my waistline might say that’s not so.

I am getting older, and we don’t have as many people to give them to.  We are both retired and  no longer have office parties and cookie exchanges to bake for.  (I did bake some for my daughter’s and son in law’s offices.)  My wife is more worried about our health so we are getting more selective about not only what we make but what we eat.

With that said, we will remember the days where the last two weekends before Christmas were all about the cookies. It’s now about the chance to go to local holiday concerts,  plays, and the more spectator parts of the holidays.  And that’s not all bad.