This is a flavor bomb. The waygu beef, briny capers, peppery arugula, and spicy mayonnaise make for a perfect bite. I hope you like it. (Ovoka Farms had the Wagyu beef.) 12 ounces Denver cut wagyu beef (Ovoka Farms)20 capers1 handful arugula3 ounces spicy mayonnaiseSalt and pepperOil for cooking Sprinkle all sides of beef with…

Shortcut Black and White Cookie

My wife took an idea I had farther than I could and made these cookies. It was my thought to add a chocolate component to the cookie, well, two actually. Half the cookie dough is chocolate and half the cookie is frosted with chocolate and black food coloring. Here’s the shortcut: Pillsbury cookie mix. So…

Asian Cranberry Sauce

I’m decided to change up my cranberry sauce this year and decided to go with Asian flavors. Now, it happens that I’m doing an orange glaze on my turkey, so life works out. We start with tart cranberries, add deep brown sugar, warm 5 spice, sweet orange, and spicy gochujang. I hope you like it….

Chicken Enchiladas

I was at the Haymarket farmers market and met the folks at Jimmy’s Hot Hatch Chili Pepper Salsa Verde. I had not done Mexican in a while, so I did the chicken enchilada. Jimmy’s stuff packs some heat but also packs great flavor. I toned it down a couple of ways: creamed corn on the…

Bacon Wrapped Canned Cinnamon Rolls

Simple, I do crazy things. 1 can pillsbury cinnamon rolls4 strips bacon Preheat oven to 375. Wrap bacon around cinnamon roll. Place on foul lined baking sheet. Bake for 18-22 minutes. Let cool for 10 minutes Frost cinnamon rolls.