Southwest Eggplant

I have had eggplant quite a lot as an adult. It’s always been with an Italian flavor palate. Now I did a riff on Mexico a few months ago, but I just couldn’t do another eggplant Parmesan. You folks know how bored I get with the same food and when I get bored, I experiment….

Citrus Chicken Skewers

This is a great chicken dish for the fall; it has tender chicken with a buttermilk soak. I also gave it a second soak in juices and herbs for flavor. I learned something new on this recipe: I used a copper grill sheet for the first time and have to say, it worked great. I…

Red Jalapeño Stuffed with Figs and Goat Cheese

Followers of this site know one of my favorite places is the Manassas Farmers Market.  I saw some red jalapeños and some figs, and I was off to the races. (Well, walking back to the car.) Now we have a primer on practical pepper protocol; the proclivity of heat provided is practically done by pepper size….

Key Lime Chiffon Pie

This is a summer treat that takes me to South Beach. Not your classic key lime pie, it’s lighter and more refreshing. I found that the time you whip is important so whip it, whip it good. I used a ready-made gluten-free crust because I got lazy, but the taste testers didn’t mind. It’s not…

Stone Fruit Parfait

This is simple, fun and tasty trick when you don’t have the energy to make something fancy. It is an elegant looking dessert, and you don’t have to tell anyone all your cheats. So enjoy a little more summer fruit and warm weather. 1 pound cake, cut into one-inch cubes 1 cup whipping cream beaten…