Banana breakfast pops

This is a riff I stole from Bobby Flay, I switched to my flavor profile.  Hope you like it, and it’s healthier than ice cream.

4 bananas
1 cup almond butter (you with no imagination can use peanut butter)
2 cups favorite granola
2 chocolate bars 60 to 70 % cacao

Place almond butter in a small paper cup

Put granola in a pie pan

Unser banana in almond butter and reverse use a knife to completely cover banana

Place in granola and complexly cover

Place on a parchment covered baking pan

Cover all bananas doing the same method

Freeze for 2 hours

In a microwave safe bowl on high melt chocolate in 30 second intervals stirring between blast

Drizzle bananas with chocolate

Freeze for 2 more hours serve

banana freeze




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