Thanksgiving upgrades and shortcuts

Thanksgiving dinner can be stressful for many. I find the key to a good day is planning.  Planning and shortcuts.  I have been making  turkey day dinner for 40 or so years and have found some surefire hits and some shortcuts. (If you want the long, gourmet way, there are recipes on this blog.)

1  When using box stuffing, use low sodium veggie  broth instead of water and add dried cranberries and fresh apple and pecan pieces.

2.  Use heavy cream with the box mashed potatoes instead of milk or skim milk or go really crazy and use creme fresh.

4.  Not a shortcut, but we use a whisk and take turns whipping the cream; it’s now a thing at our house: “The whipping of  the cream.”

5.  Add 1 teaspoon of Better than Broth to your gravy.

6.  Go biblical and serve the good wine first, or invite Jesus and Mary and save on wine.

7.  Bread baskets are alway good: one sweet, one herby, and one yeasty.


8.  I put butter under the skin of the turkey, and I inject too so the result is moist white meat.

9: Compound butters are a hit soften butter and mix in herbs or honey

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