Why you should experiment in the kitchen.

I don’t believe in playing by the rules in the kitchen.  Why?  It’s more fun to break the rules – just ask any teacher, nun, coach, or supervisory person who had me as a youth.   My favorite thing to hear about my kitchen experiments are, “I never heard of that before,” or “How did you come up with that?”

My brother is a really good cook and nails his 10 go to’s every time.  He does those dishes with a efficiency that comes from his time as a line cook in his youth at the Susie Q in Royal Oak, Michigan.  Those standbys make his house a happy place.
I opt for the path of trying a new method or a new ingredient.  Mixing things that may or may not go together is to me what makes the kitchen fun.  For example, I make a hobby out of watching a cooking shows and trying to duplicate what they did without having the equipment or ingredients they used.  Using a cooking technique I’ve never heard about without a tutorial, a book, or a trip to the Google is an ever present challenge.
So even though I said there should be no rules, here are three guidelines:
1.  Experiment often so your confidence grows.
2.  One reason you may have failed is you went cheap with ingredients.  Stop that.
3.  Have a group of taste testers to give you feed back.
4.  Have fun! You can always hide any evidence of failures.

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