Ulster Fry (It’s an Irish thing)

 A couple of weeks ago, I posted about a woman named Karen at the Spring Hill Suites, and she told me about this dish that is a tradition in Northern Ireland. I talked to my other daughter who had recently been to Ireland, and I saw her pictures of the Irish breakfasts she enjoyed.  I have stayed traditional expect for one thing: I can’t make or eat black pudding which is pig’s blood and oatmeal.  I can’t eat it, I can’t make it, and I can’t have it in my house. I can eat a lot of sketchy foods, but I do have some lines I won’t cross.  White pudding is also pork, oatmeal, and fat, just no blood.  You cannot find it at your store, but you can order it on line.  

This is also a dish that requires Irish bacon.  Try finding that at your local mega mart.  It’s not like the fatty crispy goodness we know; it’s more like Canadian bacon .  If you want to make it, get a hold of me; it’s a 6 day process, and you’re going to need a smoker.  You can substitute country ham or Canadian bacon.  I used a smoked and cured pork shoulder.   I will post a veggie version of this dish next month.

For the baggers or sausage, you need a good butcher; don’t get the mega mart stuff –  you need a big, thick sausage.

2 pieces of thick cut Canadian bacon
1 English breakfast sausage (bangers)
Baked beans
2 farls (a three-sided slice of bread) of Irish soda bread (usually not available this time of year, so I used potato bread)
2 portobello mushrooms, diced (this is how I replaced the black pudding)
2 tomato halves
2 eggs
So here’s is what I did:
Cut potatoes in long 1/4 inch planks
Soak potatoes in salted water for 30 minutes and pat dry on paper towel
Coat the bottom of a large skilled with oil and place potatoes in skillet
On medium, brown deeply on both sides, about 15 minutes total
In a second skillet, dice and cook the portobellos in butter for 10 minutes
Add the sausage to the mushroom  pan and cook it through until brown
Add the bacon to the pan and brown on both sides
Add tomatoes to pan and brown for about 7 minutes
Cook two eggs per person to over easy
Toast bread in potato skillet with butter like you were making a grilled cheese
Ulster Fry 1
Ulster fry 2
Ulster fry 3
ulster fry 4

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