What I do when I screw up in the kitchen

In the kitchen I screw up sometimes.  From miscalculation to leaving ingredients out to starting something I can’t finish.  Now comes the problem of how to fix something that has gone awry.  Here of a couple of solutions to problems I have come across in my time in the kitchen.  Or at least you can hide your mistake.

My baked good (muffin, cake, cupcake) is overcooked and dry:
Make a simple syrup- cook one cup water and one cup sugar until sugar is dissolved.  Brush on baked goods.  Then use a lot of frosting.
Under cooked meats: put it back on the heat.  Duh.
Over cooked meat:  I have a meat thermometer which helps with this problem, but everyone gets distracted and overcooks something sometime.  My solution is a sauce.  It can be a pan sauce with the drippings from the pan with a little wine and Dijon mustard.  I keep some gravy in the cupboard.   I always keep a package of hollandaise sauce handy which only takes 10 minutes to make; that will hide some of the dryness.
I have a question for you: did you let your meat sit for 10 minutes before you sliced it? If so, your meat will be dry. Let the meat sit before you slice it!
Soggy vegetables: shock them in an ice bath; it will improve the color, but they will still be soggy.  This is a time to bring out the hollandaise sauce again or if you are brave, you can add it to another, non-soggy vegetable.
Old leavening:  don’t you hate flat cookies, biscuits and quick breads?  Well, once the stuff is baked, there isn’t anything you can do. (Well, you can just wash it down the drain.)  That baking powder has a two year ago date on the box. Baking soda and cream of tartar do the same thing.  Sparking soda can be used in banana bread and other quick breads.

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  1. Macrine Jangu says:

    i,love cooking…and i mess up all tye time
    thank you for this piece


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