Coffee Bar 1010

As many of you have gathered, I’ve been on the road the last few weeks. I have been trying to find local gems from Mackinac Island (I am still upset with the Starbucks on Mackinac) to Niagara Falls and a number of places in between. One thing I try to do is buy from small businesses helping the economy in the city I’m in. Little did I know a “gem” was just across my hotel parking lot. Coffee Bar 1010 fits this quest. This is a coffee shop with a lot more than coffee.

A great little place to get coffee, a sandwich, a snack or a quick lunch. The menu was surprisingly large for the size of the store. The patio allows for a leisurely couple of minutes to decompress with Stephanie’s savory or sweet treats. They are locally sourced; if you are in the Stafford, Virginia area, give it a try. The friendly service will confirm you decision.

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