This is a flavor bomb. The waygu beef, briny capers, peppery arugula, and spicy mayonnaise make for a perfect bite. I hope you like it. (Ovoka Farms had the Wagyu beef.)

12 ounces Denver cut wagyu beef (Ovoka Farms)
20 capers
1 handful arugula
3 ounces spicy mayonnaise
Salt and pepper
Oil for cooking

Sprinkle all sides of beef with salt and pepper.

Heat skillet to medium high.

Coat steak with thin coat of oil.

Add beef to pan and cook on all sides for 40 seconds per side.

Remove from heat; let rest for 5 minutes.

Cut into thins, 1/8 of an inch.

Pound meat to 1/16 inch.

Place on serving platter.

Top with salt, pepper, capers, mayonnaise and arugula.


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