Nothing Bundt Cakes

Here is another hidden gem – it just opened three weeks ago in Fredericksburg, VA. They have 20 different varieties of bundt cakes which rotate from week to week. The cakes are not your grandma’s (certainly not my grandma’s) bundt cake; these have a donut texture and are more like a perfect sponge cake. Everything is baked on premise which is unlike many mega marts.

This is a local Fredericksburg husband and wife small business near the Hobby Lobby. The baking begins at 5 AM daily, so freshness is a hallmark of their business. I loved the cake I got; it was soft, and the raspberry and white chocolate were a perfect pairing. They also had chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, and I was informed carrot cake is a top seller. They also do bundt wedding cakes, who knew?

So, if you are in Fredericksburg, give them a try.

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