Bacon Italian Plum Jam Goat Cheese Appetizer

I came across this idea from my friend Natalie who is the ring master at the Warrenton Farmers Market. She introduced me to the folks at Waterford Run Farm and Forge. They had some amazing jams and jellies along with some other locally made items. The jam was the star of this app. I also used some Hayfield Farms bacon and some goat cheese on some of those fancy mini Melba toasts. The star of the show was the Italian plum, fig, current, and clove jam. I hope you like it.

5 strips bacon from Hayfield Farms
20 Melba toasts
1 cup goat cheese
4 ounces Italian plum, fig, current, clove jam from Waterford Run Farm and Forg

Cook bacon until crispy. Cut into 2 inch pieces.

Heat goat cheese until it melts.

Lay out toasts.

Add bacon and goat cheese.

Top with plum jam.


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