Susie’s Scones

I haven’t done a hidden gem in a while, and here is the perfect business to give attention to. I found Susie’s scones at the Warrenton farmers market (Saturdays 8-12). I have posted recipes for my scones on the blog, and they are good, but let’s face, I have never been a threat to win the the Great British Baking championship. Susie, on the other hand, may have the chops to do it.

Her scones are moist and perfectly colored. The scones come in a variety of yummy flavors. The use of white chocolate in scones is not something I have ever contemplated, but it works. There is also great berry flavor in all the scones. Structurally, the scones are light and just the right texture for a hot beverage at breakfast.

To put a bow on this discussion, if you get a chance to get to the Warrenton Farmers Market, go see Susie’s booth and try a sample of her delicious scones. Now, Susie is only there every other week, so check the vendor lists.

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