Uncle Mike’s Pork Roll

1 1/2 pounds Happy Family Bacon to weave a lattice
2 pounds Happy Family maple breakfast sausage
1 bunch cilantro
Pickled jalapeño peppers to taste
1 pound sharp cheddar cheese
Weave bacon lattice
Place sausage on top Flat
Layer cilantro
Spread cheddar cheese
Place jalapeños in center
Roll the lattice
With butchers twine Tie 4 spots around about 2 to three inches apart
In a oven safe pan sear bacon
Bake at 350 until pork until it reaches 165 about 35 minutes
Let cool for 10 minutes for the juices to resettle and the cheese to set
Recipe from Dan Wines

pork roll 4

pork roll 2pork roll 1

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