First Kitchen Set Up

As some of you know I have been working on a cook book for the last few years.  The working title has been “My Daughters First Kitchen The Wines Family Cook Book” I have set up 4 kitchens for my two daughters.  With school about to start, here are some ideas for your child’s first kitchen.


On-the-stove wok — You can stir fry, fry, steam, 

10” frying pan (oven safe, non-stick) — You can fry, bake, saute, make large egg dishes 

9″  frying pan (oven safe)

2 cookie trays for cookies, biscuits, pizza — You know they won’t clean both

2 quart saucepan — pasta, mac and cheese, soup, 

7 inch sharp knife — for cutting veggies

9 inch sharp knife– for meat and veggies

Set of 4 bowls — for everything from doing a salad to mixing pancakes

Potato peeler — go high quality so you can peel potatoes, egg plants, or any veggie

Cutting board  — Don’t use wood; get a good hard plastic one.

Pie pan — for quiche or pie 

Muffin tin– make friends with cup cakes and muffins 

Pancake griddle

Cake pan — you may want to bake a cake


Silverware and plates


Salt Mill — c’mon, for salt

Pepper mill — c’mon, for pepper

Season salt

Italian herbs — even day old pizza tastes better, use in pasta sauces or with pasta 

Cinnamon — for baking

Paprika — for taco seasoning and great on chicken

Chili powder — for taco seasoning and other dishes like chili

Garlic powder — for, well, everything

Onion powder — for, well, everything

Sage — great on pork and chicken

Basil — great for pasta and in Italian cooking 

Parsley — for pasta and eggs 

Ginger powder — for any Asian cooking

Cumin — make your own taco mix; great for a smokey taste



Bread crumbs — go unseasoned

Sugar — for baking 

Bisquick — for pancakes, waffles, biscuits

Cream  of mushroom soup

Tomato soup

Chicken noodle soup

White wine — if allowed

Red Wine — if allowed

Apple cider vinegar

Olive oil — for salads and cooking

Canola oil — for cooking,  baking, frying

Corn starch — use to thicken sauces

Soy sauce — flavor and Asian cooking

Teriyaki sauce marina

Parmigiano  Cheese — goes with pasta and pizza 

Box Pasta

Canned Spaghetti sauce

Hot chocolate mix or cocoa powder

Peanut butter — if allowed

Canned fruit



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