Jalapeño poppers

This is a good snack for game time.  This is a formal warning: this has a kick.  The chorizo and the jalapeño will wake up your taste buds.  Grab a beer and enjoy.
 8 oz cream cheese (now I like goat cheese ‘cause it’s kinda funky, but that’s just me)
 8 oz Pinconning sharp cheese, grated
 4 oz ground chorizo sausage (or removed from casing)
 8 strips bacon
 8 jalapeño peppers
Preheat oven to 400 (the bacon won’t crisp if you use a lower temp)
In a skillet brown chorizo sausage  and let cool
In a bowl mix cream cheese and cheddar
Put on a pair of rubber gloves or prepare to wash your hands a lot
Cut off stems of jalapeño
Cut slit  in one side of pepper or cut in half lengthwise which is easier
Using a small spoon remove seeds and ribs
Add cheese mixture to middle of a jalapeño slice
Add chorizo on top of cheese mixture
Top with the other half of the jalapeño
Wrap in bacon; use a toothpick to secure This will also keep the pepper together
Bake for 20 minutes or until bacon is brown
Or cook for 15 minutes at 370 in an air fryer

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