Pork and shrimp spring rolls

This is a Southeast Asian staple.  Most of us are used to the flour wrapper deep fried ans served with duck sauce.  This is a lighter version used in Vietnam and Thai cuisine.  The peanut sauce rocks and I will use it on a lot of other things.  A word about the wrappers;  it will take you a few tries to use those at least it did for me.   I hope you like them.
8 oz can tomato sauce
6 oz brown sugar
8 oz teriyaki
2 pound pork loin (pork loin chops work fine)
1//2 pound 26-30 shrimp
1 head Napa cabbage Or Thai cabbage
1 package Chinese noodles (leave the flavor package in the bag it has 73%!if your days sodium Yikes!!)
1 bunch mint leaves
1/2 red onion sliced really thin
1 bunch green onion
1 pack spring rolls wrappers

1 avocado cut into thin slices (optional)

1/2 cup peanut butter
8 oz hoisin sauce
6 oz water                                                                                                                                               1 tablespoon honey

Water and cornstarch slurry
Crushed peanuts

Pork loin instruction

Cook pork loin 25  minutes at 350  in teriyaki sauce brown sugar, and tomato sauce remove from oven

cut in 1/4” pieces
Shrimp bring 2 pints of water to a boil add shrimp let cook for 5 or until pink minutes drain
and cut in half lengthwise
Dip spring roll wrapper in warm water for 3 seconds
place pork on one end or shrimp your choice do both
add chopped cabbage
add avocado
add broccoli slaw
add mint leaves
place  2 halves shrimp in middle of roll
roll from pork end and roil spring rolls making sure to tuck in ends
This step I can’t do well so you will see in the pictures
mix water, hoisin, honey and peanut butter
bring to a boil
add 2 teaspoon water and cornstarch in a bowl and add to hoisin mixture
and cook until thicken
spring rolls 1
spring roll 3
spring roll 4
spring roll 5
spring roll 6
spring roll 2

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