Poutine w/ bacon and duck

This is the signature dish of Montreal. I think you can get it in coffee shops and churches.  You have the crispy fries, the melty cheese curds, salty bacon, savory duck, and creamy gravy over everything.  Although I had never actually had it before, I have seen it on TV about a 100 times. So I’m an expert.  After I made it, it’s now my new favorite football party food. I hope you enjoy it.
1 bag frozen fries (use thicker fries; shoe string potatoes don’t retain enough heat to melt the cheese)
2 duck breasts
1/2 pound of thick cut bacon (I used Rainbow Acres Farm and I didn’t use a half pound – I used more!)
3 Tablespoons flour
16 oz chicken stock
 8 oz milk
16 oz cheese curds – fresh! fresh! fresh! (I sent away to Pinconning Michigan for mine.)
Salt (I know I don’t use that often, but fries without salt? please)
Hot sauce
3 cloves garlic, chopped fine
2 teaspoons worstershire sauce
8 cups vegetable oil for fries
Cut bacon in to 1 inch squares
Cook in a cast iron skillet until crisp saving bacon grease
Fry French fries until almost but not quite done
Score the skin  on the duck breast so the fat can render off, then sprinkle with salt and peppers
Place in the same cast iron skillet, skin side down and cook on medium high heat
Cook for 8 minutes,  turn so the crispy skin is on top
Cook for an additional 5 minutes
Remove duck and set aside
You want it medium rare
Mix bacon grease with duck fat (you will need about 4 tablespoons of this mixture)
Be  sure any black specks are filtered out
Add flour and cook for 4 minutes stirring constantly with whisk
Add garlic and cook for one minute
Add chicken stock
Stir in milk
Stir until it slightly thickens
Add hot sauce
Cut duck into bite size pieces
Add cooked bacon and duck to the gravy (this is not the way they do it in Montreal; they put the meat on after the gravy.)
Drop fries in oil for second time and cook until golden brown and crispy
Drain and toss with salt and pepper; serve hot
Place hot fries on plate
Add cheese curds and allow curds to start melting
Top with gravy which needs to be hot for maximum meltage
Add more hot sauce if you want (I won’t judge)
Remember, you’ll eat this with a fork
poutine 1
poutine 2
poutine 3
poutine 4
poutine 5
poutine 6

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