Simple Chocolate Mousse Pie

This is an easy mousse; it takes maybe 30 minutes of labor to get a tasty desert.  The ingredients are not expensive, and it’s fun to serve.  Hope you like it.
3 oz semi sweet chocolate morsels
3 oz dark chocolate morsels
3 egg whites
16 oz whipping cream
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 teaspoon Godiva chocolate liquor (just use two teaspoons of vanilla if you don’t want  to run to the store; this would also be delicious with mint extract)
2 teaspoons powdered sugar
1 Oreo cookie pie shell
Shaved chocolate for top
Whipped cream for garnish
Melt chocolate in microwave in 25 second bursts; let cool to 95 degrees and beat until smooth and shiny
Whip egg whites to stiff peaks
Add chocolate a little at at a time and fold in until all chocolate is mixed
Add whipping cream to cold, clean bowl
Add powdered sugar
Whip for 1 minute
Add liquor and vanilla
Whip until stiff peaks form
Fold chocolate mixture into whipped cream in thirds until no whipped cream is showing.
Pour mousse into pie shell
Refrigerate for two hours
Top with chocolate shavings
Serve with whipped cream

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