Baltimore Hungry Boy Club

This is another trip to Baltimore; the Charm City has contributed the crab cake, the bomb pie, and now the Hungry Boy Club. I switched a few thing up – added a little more zip and some peppery arugula to break up all the meaty goodness.
This sandwich has ham, roast beef, cheese, and bacon.  There is a tangy remoulade sauce, spicy horseradish, lettuce, tomato, and mac and cheese.  Yes, mac and cheese!  Ok, not very healthy but very tasty.  I hope you like it.
8 oz roast beef, grilled
8 oz ham, grilled
8 strips bacon, fried
4 slices of cheese (use something melty)
Sourdough bread or potato bread, toasted
1 firm tomato, sliced
1 head romaine or arugula lettuce
Mac and cheese
Remoulade sauce
Slice of bread
Add horseradish
Add lettuce
Add 2 oz roast beef (grilled)
Add 2 oz ham (grilled)
Add a slice of cheese
Add slice of bread
Add the remoulade
Add tomato
Add bacon
Add Mac and cheese (if you need a good recipe, you can search this blog)
Add bread
Makes 4 sandwiches

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