Southwest Benedict

This is for when you want your tastebuds fully awake. A lot of spice, rich Hollandaise with a kick, salty prosciutto, and fresh salsa. Brunch is served, I hope you like it.

4 slices Texas toast
1 pound chorizo sausage (I got mine at Happy Family Ranch)
1 pack taco seasoning
4 slices prosciutto
1 package hollandaise sauce
2 avocados, mashed
4 sunny-side-up eggs

Prepare Hollandaise per package directions, then add 1/4 package of the taco seasoning package and let rest.

In a skillet, cook chorizo patties until done and browned on both side (internal temp at 165).

Cook Texas toast per package directions.

Remove inside of avocado and smash until smooth.

Do a quick pan fry on the prosciutto to crisp.

Texas toast
Chorizo patty
Salsa on the side (store bought)

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