Habits While Traveling

I have noticed something about myself; I’m not sure you should know this, but I lose all sense of adventure in dining while in route traveling. When I get to my destination, I’ll take any recommendation made by the locals and try something new at every meal. I’m all over the local specialty. In route, it’s Cracker Barrel this, Applebees that, with an odd trip to Red Lobster or Olive Garden. I think I can point out where everyone of these establishment is in between Manassas, Virginia and Detroit, Michigan.

Regular readers of this blog know my love of all things different in the way of food. I got to wondering why I’m so reluctant to try something new during the journey. Is the rainbow trout at Cracker Barrel that delish? Is the ribeye at Logan’s the best? (Good, but not waygu,) It may be because we are just trying to get somewhere and don’t want to get hassles; we know what to expect. We are in travel mode and just want to get there safely.

In search for more clarity, I spoke with my daughter who we speak to every Sunday. She put it plainly and simply: “Because you’re traveling with Mom.” It all make sense now.

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  1. I am willing to try something new as long as it isn’t fast food.


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