Butter Poached Lobster

I gave a version of this to my brother for Christmas Eve, and he said it was the star of the meal. So I am doing version 2.0 for New Year’s Eve. Now, there is a French technique here using boiling water and slowly adding butter until an emulsion is done. There is a name for it: beurre’ monte. We add bay leaf, Aleppo pepper flakes, and garlic. The lobster is melt in your mouth tender. If you check the plate, I served it with a fillet, cauliflower mash, and broccoli. I hope you like it.

2 6-ounce lobster tails (Crosby’s Crabs)
2 tablespoons water
2 sticks butter in 16 pats
1 bay leaf
1/4 teaspoon red pepper flake
4 cloves garlic
1 teaspoon Old Bay seasoning
1 lemon to serve

Remove lobster tail from shell.

Heat water to a boil; add butter one tablespoon at a time whisking constantly – it should be pale yellow. 180 degrees is perfect.

Add red pepper flake, garlic, and bay leaf.

Add lobster to pan; cook for 90 seconds and turn over; repeat every 90 seconds until lobster turns opaque, about 6 minutes.

Remove from pan and top with a squeeze of lemon.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Americaoncoffee says:

    Looks yummy. Thanks for sharing.


    1. I had a few people do this recipe they loved it.


      1. Americaoncoffee says:

        I will do this one.❤️


  2. Americaoncoffee says:

    For me It appears really easy and intimate.


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