This is a Jose’ Andres restaurant in Washington DC and one of most memorable dinning experience I have had. Eighteen fantastic small plates participate in gastronomic science, amazing technique, and mind blowing flavor combinations all provided with exemplary service. Art meets food and combines showmanship. I will rundown some of what I felt were the highlights.

There were some common threads in the highest quality ingredients. There were white truffles, wagyu beef, and Iberico pork; these are just a few of the premium ingredients used multiple times. Mushrooms were also featured in broths and to add depth ummami. Wasabi was used in multiple applications successfully. My daughter had her first taste of caviar and loved it when it was used. One surprise was the non-alcoholic Riesling wine that actually tasted like wine.

Service was equal to a two Michelin stars rating: friendly, attentive, alway present but from a distance. The explanation of dishes was brief but precise, helping with the anticipation. Little things like an always filled water glass, placement of silverware, and all the little details were done exemplary.

I’ve listed most of the menu then I tried to narrow my top dishes to five, but the best I could do was seven and will give a brief description of each.

Corn pretzel with wasabi coating (self explanatory).

Toad in a hole – heritage egg yolk surrounded by crispy grilled tofu with a maple foam.

Monk fish with a seaweed gelatin top in a fish broth with a mushroom cracker.

Aonori seaweed taco with Ibirico pork and matcha jello squares.

Parmesan danish – a melt-in-your-mouth parmesan cracker.

Wagyu tartar and caviar – melt-in-your-mouth beef with edible flowers and caviar.

Eel with a miso teriyaki glaze tempura.

Wagyu Aburi with Parker House rolls and edible flower – wagyu beef with a bouillon filled faux egg with greens.

Root beer float – pop rock candy with ice cream.

Donut with a chocolate molten center.

Cucumber ice with black and white sesame paste.

Coffee and whisky (which I didn’t try).

Milk bread (which I didn’t try because I was so stuffed).

Top 7 dishes (the pictures below are not in any order)

7) Toad in a hole – egg yolk in grilled miso tofu with a maple foam.

6) Monk fish with a gelatin top in a fish broth and sesame cracker.

5) Aonori taco with Ibirico pork and a matcha jello squares.

4) Parmesan danish – a melt-in-your-mouth parm cracker.

3) Wagyu tartar and caviar – melt-in-you-mouth beef with edible flowers and caviar.

2) Eel with a miso teriyaki glaze tempura.

1)Wagyu Aburi with Parker House rolls and edible flowers..

Minibar was excellent food and a great experience.

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  1. dolphinwrite says:

    Nice plating. Reminds me of the movie: The hundred foot journey.

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  2. sarchakra says:

    I tried Zaytinya and Oyamel by the chef on DC. Liked the former better than the Mexican food. I think chef’s menu is a better option than a la carte


    1. sarchakra says:

      Sorry meant ‘in DC’


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