8 things I didn’t know existed in the kitchen as a kid but can’t do without now.

  1. olive oil – We had bacon fat for eggs, crisco for baking, lard for frying, corn oil for frying, and margarine for spreading on things.  We didn’t have butter either.
  2. Good parmigiana cheese –  We had green can cheese.  My daughter was picky and wouldn’t eat parmigiana unless it was aged 2 years.
  3. Any lettuce other than iceberg – We had it with everything.  No arugula, no bib, no anything.
  4. Spinach that isn’t frozen – We only had frozen spinach and vinegar.
  5. We never had filet or ribeye steak; we had chuck, round and ground, mostly ground. No wonder well done was the way it was served.
  6. I never knew there was more than one kind of salt.  Pink salt, season salt, garlic salt, kosher salt, the possibilities are amazing
  7. Wine can change everything. I don’t drink, but I sure cook with it.  I have found that it can improve a lot of dishes.  I use my daughter to guide me on this; she is a bit particular but has excellent taste.
  8. We had pots and pans; now I have, in order of use, air fryer, electric skillet, air popper, wok, pressure cooker/slow cooker, and a electric griddle .  How  did my dad do it all with just a cast iron skillet and pots and pans. (Then again, he didn’t make my food.)

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