Kentucky Hot Brown Egg Roll

This is a new take on a classic sandwich. I was working on this before the Derby but never got it quite right, then the Heavens opened, and I had the right idea. Instead of the classic Mornay sauce, I just went with Alfredo, and it works beautifully. One word of caution is that you must let the egg roll rest for 5 minutes before eating or you’ll burn your mouth. I hope you like it.

6 egg roll wrappers
4 plumb tomatoes, sliced
12 slices of fried bacon
6 slices smoked turkey
16 ounces Alfredo sauce

Place items on egg roll wrapper:
Turkey slice cut to fit
2 bacon strips
Tomato slices

Roll from bottom corner.

Pull in sides and roll tight.

Spray cooking oil on wrapped egg roll.

Air fry for 7 minutes on each side.

Microwave Alfredo sauce until hot.

Makes 6 egg rolls.

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  1. Poetry Goddess says:

    I love your recipes.

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