Proof Bakery OBX

On our travels we have encountered some really great small businesses. Proof Bakery is one such gem. We were in The Outer Banks, more specifically Kill Devils Hills, and had to do some laundry. Hungry and in need of food while our stuff was in the dryer, we walked around the corner and found Proof Bakery. Now, I usually post pictures, but I was so hungry I ate everything before I could get the camera out.

On the outside it looks like a normal bakery, but they have so much more with sandwiches, breakfast dishes, and wonderful pastries. I had the sticky bun, and it was great. Flaky and sweet with the right balance of nuts. If you are a bakery, the expectation is that you do great pastry, and they do.

The show stealer was the schnitzel chicken tenders. The coating was like advertised: a German breading, crispy and flavorful. The inside was the moistest chicken tender I have ever eaten. I had the honey mustard dipping sauce which was money. The chicken tenders are just one of their many savory items. This is a top three all time chicken tender. ( I’m stealing the recipe,)

I put the menu below so you can look them up if you get to the Outer Banks.

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