Donutz On a Stick

This hidden gem is a complete fooler in Duck, NC. Creative, innovative, and delicious combinations of craveable hot donuts with unique flavors of ice cream. So many combination of toppings you may hold up the long summer line trying to decide. It is just off the Boardwalk in Duck.

Desiree, David, and Mimi are the geniuses behind this gem, and you can see the passion and the enjoyment they get from taking their vision and turning it into a local favorite. It’s a family business in the truest sense. David has been known to do research on donuts, trying as many as four different donuts in a day. Desiree takes care of the fryer and the finishing touches like a technician. Mimi seems to make the cogs turn in sync. In the summer, they have a five person crew serving the eager customers.

They presented their most popular donut: the great old-fashioned donut with a vanilla glaze and topped with crushed chocolate chip and chocolate sandwich cookies. Wow amazing! You can see them drop the batter in the oil. Two minutes later, a quick flip, two more minutes, and it’s time to decorate. The finished product is hot and decadent and sweet and totally delectable. My wife, who doesn’t like donuts, was taking her turn with the fork. We didn’t try the ice cream, but I saw a number of people enjoying it.

If you are ever in Duck, you have try Donutz on a Stick. It is totally worth your while.

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